LightSpeed Automation

For over a decade LightSpeed Automation has been developing pick to light and mobile fulfilment solutions for companies of all sizes. Their scalable, affordable and easy to use systems have brought a very efficient warehouse model to companies who struggle to find quality help in the warehouse. In a world where companies must do more with less, LightSpeed can provide a competitive edge in today’s gig economy.

LightSpeed assists through the entire warehouse automation process, from developing proper product flow to reducing material handling. Using Interroll Carton Flow shelving as a basis for the line, their team helps customers create the proper pick line plan-o-gram by analyzing sales data to make sure high-volume items are strategically located allowing for ease of fulfilment and packing.

LightSpeed does not use third party developers. The company has an outstanding team of software engineers that write, test and deploy all company code. They can integrate with any provider to create a customized experience for the operator. They also provide additional products to help grow and run a customer’s business, from advanced inventory management to on-line ordering.

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Interroll dynamic storage modules

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