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TERMOLOGIA (Stainless & Steel Concepts)


Termologia is a Portuguese company, with headquarters in the Aveiro area. It is dedicated to the development and supply of equipment and products for industry and the provision of services in the field of industrial maintenance. Its principal objective is to maximize the efficiency, integration, flexibility and security of their customers' production chains (layouts and work areas).

Termologia is investing heavily right now with an eye to the future and is driven by the efforts of a dynamic and highly professional team. It is well suited to product development based on new technologies (CAD/CAM), promoting innovative solutions and delivering products that guarantee satisfaction of requirements and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

Our customers understand how important it is to have access to reliable products and services and value our efforts in finding new ways to meet their expectations. The Termologia team is on hand to analyze requests whether for existing products and services or for new projects that can be incorporated within their production processes. Experienced staff will answer your questions. Try working with TERMOLOGIA; we are certain you will be delighted.