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InteRack is a multinational company with more than ten years of experience in designing, developing and implementing comprehensive material-handling solutions, particularly for product storage and supply systems.

Our main aim is to exceed our customers' expectations by relying on our ability to meet their core requirements for racks, and to provide them with the most sophisticated solutions, which will, in turn, generate the highest returns for our customers in three specific ways: (1) Increasing sales, (2) minimising costs and (3) improving productivity.

Our expertise at InteRack covers development, structural engineering, design and quality in order to offer on the market products and services which make use of the latest technology. This will ensure that your company is always at the forefront of the market.

Our product range includes conventional pallet racking, cantilever racking, dynamic pallet racking, push-back racking, mezzanine floors, picking systems, conveyors, custom designs, accessories, etc.

InteRack is represented in various cities across Mexico. Wherever you are, we are always close by to help you create added value for your company. No matter the industry, or the design or location of your company, choose us as your partner in overcoming the ever-changing challenges of operating warehouses and distribution centres.