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COUSINS Packaging Inc.


Cousins Packaging Inc. was founded in 1992. The company grew quickly to become a full-line manufacturer of stretch wrap equipment. Most of the major brands from within the food, beverage, electronics and building materials use Cousins wrappers; this also includes military and industrial producers. These range from semi-automatic to precision-engineered, customized automated systems. The company's focus and passion is and has been, dedicated to stretch wrappers exclusively. It is not divided amongst other equipment lines. This has resulted in many creative technologies being developed. The Patented A-Arm Clamp and Cut system is their biggest achievement and is the single largest technological advancement in the industry since the pre-stretch carriage back in the 70's. Today, Cousins sells worldwide and is extremely proud of the high quality machinery they produce along with the real value it provides to their customers - especially when performance and up time is the bottom line.