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A.H. Meyer Maschinenfabrik is a company that has combined tradition and innovation in the construction of special machines and plants for over 100 years. Its focus is on machines for processing natural and synthetic fibres such as straw, coconut, wood shavings, flax, hemp, mineral wool, xylite and polypropylene. Our many years of experience in the sector of machine construction also mean that we can meet our customers' specific requirements on a global level.

As a result of our expertise in constructing special machines, conveyor technology has now become another focal point of our work. We create custom solutions using the latest 3D CAD systems. In addition to troughed belt conveyors, steep conveyors and angled conveyors, we also manufacture entire pallet and container conveyor systems as well as various special conveyors.

This varied range of products makes it possible for A.H. Meyer Maschinenfabrik GmbH to provide its customers with a complete package of individual solutions. High product quality is always guaranteed as part of this package because all processes take place under one roof at our company, from planning, development and design through to production.