News from the ROI world

Actemium keeps E.Leclerc’s sorted

For over 20 years, Actemium has been an invaluable logistics partner to French grocery giant, E.Leclerc.

Qimarox optimizes shipping space for global reach

Although Qimarox is headquartered in the Netherlands, an innovative concept is behind their global success: modularization.

Unista unscrambler keeps bottles sorted

Specialized in robotics-integrated automated packaging lines, French ROI partner, Unista, provides intelligent solutions to satisfy the needs of a broad range of industrial sectors.

Rielec helps customers deliver the goods

Valencia-based ROI partner Rielec is specialized in custom integrated intralogistics solutions.

E-motions wins Gasell award

Experts in intelligent parcel handling solutions, e-motions is the elated recipient of the 2022 Gasell award.

Multi-storey order picking

ROI partner based in Turkey, Teknokom, recently installed a Multi-storey order picking automation system in the Spare Parts Warehouse of Karaca Zuccaciye.

Eltronic fuels Topsoe’s green energy project

Founded in 2000, Danish ROI partner Eltronic holds sustainability as a core corporate value. Thus, they are proud to be a key supplier for Topsoe, whose forthcoming SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility will be the world’s largest.

Pentaline palletizers make a mark

Renowned for their integrated turn-key and end-of-line solutions for industrial customers, Pentaline is a Portuguese ROI partner that caters to top industrial brands.

AP Dataweigh offers measurable benefits to production lines

Based in the US, AP Dataweigh is a ROI partner highly specialized in the production of custom-built checkweighers for the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and industrial markets.

LCS focuses on Marcolin

ROI partner LCS has been operating in the Italian and European market since 1989, providing cutting edge integrated automation and intralogistics solutions.

Ultimation expands for e-commerce growth

Award-winning Michigan based ROI partner Ultimation has been serving the United States, Latin America and Europe with conveyor and automation systems for over 30 years, with e-commerce now making up nearly 50% of their business.

TBWB maximizes storage in limited space

Family-run since its founding in 1977, TBWB is specialized in industrial automation and internal logistics for a wide range of sectors.