News from the ROI world

Jordklok AB delivers the goods thanks to e-motions

Specialized in e-commerce and manufacturing solutions, Swedish ROI Partner e-motions Europe AB provides their customers with custom-tailored systems.

MCA Process aces quick and easy food handling

With installations in 17 countries, French-based MCA is a highly specialized agri-food process designer offering automated and robotic solutions including packaging, transfer, weighing, separation and more.

Eltronic Group acquires MME Nordic

In May, Danish ROI partner Eltronic Group secured 70 percent of MME Nordic, a MedTech company with over 25 years' experience developing and manufacturing automated production lines and machines for the Danish medical industry and abroad.

Qimarox launches new logistic palletizer

The new Highrunner HR9 Logistic Palletizer was developed to automate the unloading and palletization of goods transported by container.

Southwest Warehouse Solutions demo shows how to roll out the goods

North American customers can now explore the automation potential of Interroll conveyors in the newly-installed demo in the showroom of Southwest Warehouse Solutions.

Master time and space with Eurofit

A ROI partner headquartered in Romania, Eurofit, relies on Interroll's Carton Flow Live Storage System to turn conventional shelves into high-density storage areas.

LCS transforms robots into coworkers

Innovative automation solutions are the future of industrial production, but Italian ROI partner has elevated robots to a whole new level, turning them into "collaborative robots", or Cobots, who work shoulder-to-shoulder with humans to share tasks such as palletizing, quality control, or product handling.

Stac implements Interroll in new application

U.S.-based ROI partner Stac is specialized in material handling, robotics, and conveyor systems for a varied portfolio of industries, particularly automotive.

Rielec positioned for growth in North America

Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, but active worldwide, ROI partner Rielec is expanding its North American presence by opening its first office in the U.S. to support growth in the local market along with opening a new assembly and storage facility in Mexico.

Dedem Mekatronic gives today's investment a reliable future

End-of-line palletizing and packaging systems specialists, Dedem Mekatronic, a Turkish ROI partner with sales offices in Texas, provide international turnkey solutions that are designed to last at least 10 years.

A DC for future growth for ASDA

One of Britain’s leading retailer’s, ASDA, with stores and online services and home to the fashion brand ‘George’, awarded their conveying and sortation project to ROI Partner, AMH Material Handling.

Rielec facilitates pharmaceuticals with RFID logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics is strongly conditioned by the Health and Safety Directives that regulate the specific requirements for the conservation and safety of pharmaceutical products.