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Robotics and Drives Services have unveiled their latest palletizing model - the ROBOPAL-CO. The latest concept is modular, economical and easily deployable making palletizing simpler, safer and reduces maintenance costs.


For the first time two ROI partners, MODUMAQ (Spain) and TBWB (Netherlands), present themselves together on the booth at LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION, one of the most important events of the intralogistics in Spain.


WENKO, a German family-owned company specialized in bathroom, kitchen or living room accessories, offers a range of over 6,000 products and develops around 500 new products every year. Handling this complexity effectively is vital to the company's success, which is why Wenko decided to restructure its logistics operations.

TBWB + Neptek: In unity there is strength

Check out the exclusive double interview with Bart Friederichs, CEO of TBWB (Netherlands) and Richard Nepgen, Managing Partner of NEPTEK (South Africa), who talk about teaming up and winning a significant project earlier this year in South Africa.

Growth through knowledge: Exclusive ROI Product training

“Growing together”: Under this motto, Interroll organized an exclusive 4-day product training for a group of international Rolling On Interroll partners, leading companies from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Flück Fördertechnik: Simplexity - smart automation for less complexity

In the pharmaceutical sector, pre-wholesale is an important linking step on a medication’s path from the manufacturer to the customer.

Termologia: Where efficiency meets hygienic design

In 2016, the Portuguese company Termologia carried out a business-critical modernization project for Triperu, a Lusiaves Group company, specialized in turkey processing in Lourinhã, Portugal. Cutting, sorting and packaging line operations were upgraded to achieve higher productivity.

LOGSYS: Smarter, faster, simpler

Earlier this year, Logsys a.s. successfully completed the installation of a highly efficient material transport and picking system for an existing warehouse of Papera s.r.o., a leading provider of office supplies in the Czech Republic. Higher productivity was the customer’s ultimate goal.

Conveyroll: Solid technology, powerful partnerships

Mexico’s Conveyroll, with more than 20 years of experience in the material handling industry, is a market leader with smart automation solutions deployed across Latin America. It recently installed a high-speed sorting system for the fast-growing Mexican mail order company Andrea.

Turatti: Thinking Global, Acting Local

What do the Italian Veneto region and central California have in common? Both regions are fertile grounds for agriculture and, more specifically, for fruit and vegetable production. Some of the key players in those market segments operate there, creating clusters that turn into real incubators for innovation. Turatti Group is among them.

The first Rolling On Interroll Global Summit. A resounding success

Interaction, innovation, inspiration – these were the key themes that 130 delegates from all around the world discussed during the first Rolling On Interroll Global Summit (September 6 and 7th) in the city of Barcelona, Spain. With around 50 ROI partners from 28 countries, the global ROI Community truly came to life and best-practice sharing and networking happened naturally, despite all cultural differences.

The Rolling On Interroll Community meets in Barcelona

global summit

“Growing together” will be the theme for the first Rolling On Interroll Global Summit that will be held from September 6 and 7th in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Around 50 ROI partners from 28 countries will be participating in this truly global event, a unique platform for sharing ideas and best practices, listening to fellow ROI partners from other countries and getting inspiration from other industries.

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