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We provide technological and modern warehouse solutions: conveying, storage and handling systems. We are a team of professionals who share a common purpose: help our customers make the most efficient use of their warehousing and manufacturing space. We achieve it by applying advanced technologies for the processing and storage of goods.

Since 2005 we have successfully implemented more than 1000 projects and installed more than 600’000 pallet places. Our project managers accompany our customers during all project stages, from consulting and design to the installation and maintenance.

We always strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • More efficient use of storage space
  • Increasing speed in order processing
  • Reducing the number of errors
  • Reducing manual labour

By optimizing the material flow, we help our customers to increase profitability and capacities of their business. Today we are a leading company in warehouse and production logistics in Belarus and we try to implement the most advanced automated solutions in the CIS countries.