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Established in 1993, Factronics Systems Engineering Pte Ltd is a full-service engineering company based in Singapore. Our expertise lies in a wide range of advanced factory and warehousing automation applications.

We are a Systems Integrator and specialise in the provision of turnkey Factory Automation (FA) solutions. Our capabilities extend across the conceptualisation, design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of total FA systems. We also provide industry-specific consultancy and project management services to meet our customers’ needs.

To ensure quality and efficient engineering services and after-sales support to our customers, we have in place a focused and dedicated engineering team with each specialist member having many years of working experience in the automation industry. This background has given us an in-depth knowledge and understanding of every customer’s needs.

At Factronics Systems, we make every effort to provide the highest level of quality, attention and service in the best interest of the customer. We are also committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Policy, Objectives, Quality and Environmental Management Systems.