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ADM Consultancy, Design and Manufacturing


With many years of experience, ADM is a reference in the Fresh, Frozen and Pre-cooked Food Processing Industry sector. Our operation spans various business sectors from food processing to transporting items in a production plant.

We are process engineering specialists. We support our customers, meeting their needs and providing bespoke conveyor designs to capitalise on their products, reducing consumption and easing work loads in the company's production department.

RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT: our production team uses premium-quality materials to manufacture our machinery, performing the most thorough quality controls.

ONGOING TECHNICAL SUPPORT: we provide our customers with constant support, advice and proper maintenance of our machines. We offer a highly effective spare parts supply.

Our objective is to drive our customers towards innovative projects utilising synergies to improve their equipment, developing sustainability initiatives, reducing consumption and boosting efficiency on production lines.

“Our main objective is the quality of our work. We support you as your company evolves and grows.”