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ROLLO - Ing. Franz Teufel GMBH


Our company has amassed over 80 years' experience in the design and production of material handling systems, and is your partner for complete systems: conveying equipment, material handling systems, packaging machines, machines for the production of jam and juice, and machines for the baked goods, dairy, processed food and meat industries.

However you choose to configure your production processes, the technical implementation is safe in our hands. Forget belt conveyors from a catalogue – we will design, build and deliver a material handling system that meets your specifications. We will work with you and your engineers to devise the optimal solution for your business and produce systems or components to meet your needs and requirements, as well as the requirements of the applicable ISO standards.

Once we have installed a system at your site, it goes without saying that we will also maintain and support it. We are happy to perform this kind of work for both existing and third-party material handling systems. As part of our customer service, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and to assist you with ordering spare parts, either from sample or from drawing.