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MACH ftd automates massive shoe warehouse

Efficiency and productivity have skyrocketed at the Zapatos warehouse, thanks to the newly installed automation solution by MACH ftd.

LCS unveils LCP AMR Top Module at Mecspe-Bologna

LCS showcased the cutting-edge AMR Top Module by Interroll at this year's Mecspe-Bologna exhibition in Italy. This innovative product interfaces seamlessly with Interroll's Light Conveyor Platform (LCP).

Morrisette has automated packaging covered

Automating the packaging process with specialized machinery by Morrisette Packaging offers a slew of benefits in terms of consistency, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

ICorp Global Solutions

ICorp Global Solutions, offre des conseils spécialisés dans l'intégration de l'innovation technologique avec les certifications ISO, pour tous les processus de gestion et d'exploitation des entreprises ou des industries de tout secteur, qui sont dans le processus de transformation pour introduire l'innovation en eux-mêmes.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how


Modules de convoyage de palettes MPP Interroll

(y compris navettes de transfert, transstockeurs, etc.)

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