Asia Integrated Machine INC

Asia Integrated Machine INC (AIM) is a leading supplier for Philippines food industry which strives to help their customers increase efficiency and maximize productivity by providing total solutions and strong technical support.

AIM was established on December 13, 2011, starting initially as a trader importing advanced packaging equipment and inspection systems to the Philippines market. As a customer-oriented supplier, AIM always bases their business development on customers’ real needs, continuously expanding their product lines to meet ever-growing customer requirements and position themselves as a total solutions provider.

With an experienced technical and engineering team, AIM aims to provide value-added products and solutions to their existing and potential customers in Asia.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll MCP conveyor modules

for light goods (incl. diverts, transfers, etc.)

dynamic storage

Interroll dynamic storage modules

for light goods and pallets (Pallet & Carton Flow)