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Actemium Lyon Logistics upgrades warehouse software

Identifying and responding to industry needs is integral to remaining at the top, as demonstrated by French ROI partner Actemium, who has successfully modernized their WCS (Warehouse Control System) tool, in response to customer demand.

Ultimation helps customers unlock the power of retrofitting

From replacing noisy gravity conveyors to leveling up worn out conveyor belts, Ultimation offers expert advice on how to upgrade obsolete systems quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost of a complete overhaul.

InteRack takes storage outdoors

Exploiting external space to expand warehouse capacity becomes a feasible opportunity, thanks to InteRack outdoor storage solutions.


STAMH Group is an international company, providing complex warehouse automation and storage technologies in over 22 countries. They are specialized in intralogistics transportation solutions for pallets, boxes, cartons, picking trays and cassettes.

The group is expanding in Austria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other countries in Southeastern and Central Europe.

They’re proud of over 14 000 successful projects in Europe, Asia, and The Middle East, for different warehouses, 3PL facilities and fulfillment centers, working for international brands such as Coca-Cola, Liebherr and many more.

STAMH Group’s engineering, software, and integration teams are specialized and fully dedicated to:

  • Racking Systems for heavy palletized loads, boxes, trays, and even single items, including 2D and 3D Shuttle Systems, Mobile Racking Systems, and gravity technologies;
  • Distribution centers automation through belt, roller and chain conveyor technologies, automated picking systems, and multilevel sorting systems and technologies;
  • Warehouse Automation, AS/RS systems, shuttle systems integration, and VLM systems;
  • Industrial robots, palletizers and palletizing systems, including the sorting and conveyor systems, between the palletizing cells, the production plant and the warehouse facility;
  • STAMH-TECH division is dedicated to the packaging, wrapping, and strapping equipment, including autonomous and semi-automated machines.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll MCP conveyor modules

for light goods (incl. diverts, transfers, etc.)

dynamic storage

Interroll dynamic storage modules

for light goods and pallets (Pallet & Carton Flow)

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