News from the ROI world

Electric drivers streamline Advance conveyors

The patented SmartLine tote and carton conveyor systems are now equipped with all-electric transfers, diverts and roller switches.

SRSI earns Inductive Automation Gold Certification

A strong commitment to stringent standards and providing world-class automations solutions has allowed the Dallas-based ROI partner to become a Gold Certified Integrator.

MACH FTD guarantees secure and protected pallets

The new Technoplat 3000 automatically wraps pallets in-line, offering exceptional efficiency, safety and a user-friendly interface.

MCA Process

Specialist in automation since 35 years, MCA Process designs and manufactures processes and robotic solutions for the food industry. Thanks to its highly qualified engineering department, MCA Process offers tailor-made solutions to their customers.

Innovation is an integral part of MCA’s daily life, its DNA. The company has extensive engineering and production capacities with more than 70 employees, including an engineering department of 25 employees. In regard to MCA’s developments, the company has many patents on innovative applications, particularly in product handling and pick & place. Since 2012, MCA’s ambition is to develop the company internationally, and the company has established a real export culture across all teams. Thanks to this strategy, the company achieves 40% of its turnover from exports in 17 countries.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

ac drive

Interroll AC drive technology

for belt and chain conveyors (400V AC drives)


Interroll MPP pallet handling modules

(incl. transfer cars, stacker cranes, etc.)

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