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Clustag smart RFID station automates e-commerce

Fully functional with both manual and automatic conveyors, Clustag GOHT Station is designed for block reading of hanging garments, using RFID technology.

Stac boosts pack out productivity

A fresh conveyor line integrated by Stac preps boxes for quick and productive pack out.

Quintino implements innovative factory layout

Material handling at a fragrance factory becomes streamlined and efficient, thanks to a systematic new approach to logistics, designed and installed by Quintino.

K-Log Lagersysteme

K-Log represents logic – from planning to implementation. The company is always available to support customers with modern technology for their warehousing projects. They work systematically and with attention to detail to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

They plan, combine and produce warehouses for innovative logistics requirements – regardless of the industry. As part of this process, K-Log deals with the individual demands of the customer’s industry.

The aim of a logistics warehouse is to optimize the existing warehouse space while implementing efficient material handling processes – this, along with profitability, is key to staying ahead of the competition. A warehouse system can only be considered excellent if it saves time and space, while also meeting all specific requirements.

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Interroll dynamic storage modules

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