Lippert is an independent, medium-sized, family-owned company. It is now being run by the fourth generation of the family and operates in two business segments: The manufacture of machines, dryers and systems for the ceramic industry, including the crockery, sanitation, ornamental ceramics, fire-resistant ceramics and technical ceramics sub-sectors, and conveyor and automation technology for various industries.

Their range of services includes project planning, design, software development, production, control cabinet construction, assembly and servicing – true complete solutions from a single provider. LIPPERT uses state-of-the-art design and production technology, such as 70 3D CAD workstations and fully automated laser cutting lines.
As an ISO 9001:2008 certified business, Lippert's strengths lie in the high levels of technology and quality in their systems, their flexible and cooperative order processing, the outstanding personal dedication of their staff and their renowned service.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll DC drive technology

for roller conveyors (24V - 48V DC drives, incl. control cards, power supplies, etc.)


Interroll sorting technology

(e.g. Crossbelt sorter)