Cassioli Srl

At Cassioli, for over 70 years, every collaboration with its customers has contributed to their experience and specific knowledge of a market sector or a specific technology, thereby creating added value for all of their customers. This sort of “win-win” situation has laid the foundations for quality customer relations based on trust and open cooperation, knowing that mutual growth is the key to mutual success.

Cassioli’s willingness to turn customer needs into their own implies looking at customers as partners, and requires a functional and competent internal organization, capable of synchrony of thought and intent with the customer, in order to achieve the perfect fulfillment of reciprocal needs.

Today, Cassioli has installed its products in various parts of the world and is a reference point for many important multinational companies interested in improving the efficiency of their production and distribution systems.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll DC drive technology

for roller conveyors (24V - 48V DC drives, incl. control cards, power supplies, etc.)

ac drive

Interroll AC drive technology

for belt and chain conveyors (400V AC drives)