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Morrisette has automated packaging covered

Automating the packaging process with specialized machinery by Morrisette Packaging offers a slew of benefits in terms of consistency, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Prontometal offers qualified tips for picking

When it comes to warehouse management, picking can be a tricky phase to maneuver, since there are various elements to consider when choosing between a manual, hybrid, or fully automated approach.

ICorp takes ASRS to the next level

Companies looking to level up their operations are taking advantage of Automated Storage and Retrieval systems (ASRS), a solution whose value is proven by staggering revenue growth worldwide in recent years.


Pentaline® is an internationally registered trademark, well recognized for its technical capability and experience in the development of complete, large-scale projects in the industrial lines and robotic systems fields.

With deep insight into the operational structure and management of an industrial line, Pentaline® entered the industrial market in 2004, dedicating its foundation years to the creation of engineering solutions for industrial intralogistics systems.

Pentaline® manufactures and installs, individually or incorporated in more extensive projects:

  • Complete industrial filling and packaging lines;
  • Complete end-of-line solutions with flexible high-speed robotic systems;
  • Robotic depalletizers and palletizers for handling and packaging;
  • AS/RS Warehouses & AGV's;
  • Rinsers with air and/or water;
  • Elevators and descenders for bottles, packs/boxes, pallets, among others;
  • Dividers and unifiers;
  • All types of conveyors;

The company focuses and operate mainly in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and tissue paper industries. However, the versatility of many of their solutions and products, allow for their integration in other markets as well.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll DC drive technology

for roller conveyors (24V - 48V DC drives, incl. control cards, power supplies, etc.)


Interroll MPP pallet handling modules

(incl. transfer cars, stacker cranes, etc.)

dynamic storage

Interroll dynamic storage modules

for light goods and pallets (Pallet & Carton Flow)

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