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Clustag smart RFID station automates e-commerce

Fully functional with both manual and automatic conveyors, Clustag GOHT Station is designed for block reading of hanging garments, using RFID technology.

Stac boosts pack out productivity

A fresh conveyor line integrated by Stac preps boxes for quick and productive pack out.

Quintino implements innovative factory layout

Material handling at a fragrance factory becomes streamlined and efficient, thanks to a systematic new approach to logistics, designed and installed by Quintino.

Prontometal S.A.

Prontometal is a market leader in Uruguay, having completed projects across the entire region. The company was founded in 1969 on the initiative of two engineers who were dedicated to revolutionising the storage and logistics sector in Uruguay.

Over the last 50+ years, the company has patented all kinds of solutions; being pioneers in making metal racking in South America, carrying out projects for the most important national and multinational companies in the region and, in the 21st century, incorporating automated solutions and cutting-edge technologies that have allowed them to save time and space in an unimaginable way.

Prontometal employs a global team of experts worldwide specialising in Robotics & Intralogistics, the creators behind Redelocker, the first Smart Locker system for the banking sector. In addition to sales, the company also places particular emphasis on customer support, to ensure customers find the solution best tailored to the needs of their business.

The team at Prontometal is led by engineering post-graduate Gabriel Noachas, a specialist in Robotics and resistance, and author of the book “Intralogística: El corazón de la logística empresarial.” [“Intralogistics: The heart of corporate logistics”].

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dynamic storage

Interroll dynamic storage modules

for light goods and pallets (Pallet & Carton Flow)


Interroll sorting technology

(e.g. Crossbelt sorter)

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