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Clustag smart RFID station automates e-commerce

Fully functional with both manual and automatic conveyors, Clustag GOHT Station is designed for block reading of hanging garments, using RFID technology.

Stac boosts pack out productivity

A fresh conveyor line integrated by Stac preps boxes for quick and productive pack out.

Quintino implements innovative factory layout

Material handling at a fragrance factory becomes streamlined and efficient, thanks to a systematic new approach to logistics, designed and installed by Quintino.

MWI Solutions

MWI Solutions is a full-service systems integrator dedicated to improving the livelihood of their clients through creative problem solving and the application of intelligent materials handling solutions.

Providing a boutique-like partnership approach they bring together an array of mechanical technologies and information systems that improve order fulfillment, enhance product flow, reduce inventory levels, and streamline operations that reduce operating costs in distribution centers, Last Mile delivery stations, parcel sorting hubs, warehouses, and manufacturing.

Materials handling technologies can range from simple to complex; from conveyor based order routing and manual processing; to auto-picking with Goods-to-Person shuttles, mobile robots, and automated pack-out feeding feed high speed sortation systems processing hundreds of orders per minute.

Based in Southern California for 30 years and with an East Coast office located in Atlanta, they go where their clients go - having delivered thousands of projects across all corners of the US.

Interroll Solutions
Certified Know-how

dc drive

Interroll MCP conveyor modules

for light goods (incl. diverts, transfers, etc.)


Interroll sorting technology

(e.g. Crossbelt sorter)

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