News from the ROI world

Electric drivers streamline Advance conveyors

The patented SmartLine tote and carton conveyor systems are now equipped with all-electric transfers, diverts and roller switches.

SRSI earns Inductive Automation Gold Certification

A strong commitment to stringent standards and providing world-class automations solutions has allowed the Dallas-based ROI partner to become a Gold Certified Integrator.

MACH FTD guarantees secure and protected pallets

The new Technoplat 3000 automatically wraps pallets in-line, offering exceptional efficiency, safety and a user-friendly interface.

A warm welcome to Somefi, our new Rolling On Interroll partner in France

To officially start the Rolling On Interroll partnership with our long-standing French customer SOMEFI, the Management team visited our Corporate Headquarters in Sant’Antonino, Switzerland in July.

The mutual presentations confirmed a real fit between the two companies in terms of quality focus and drive for innovation. A fruitful exchange on how to maximize the opportunities of this partnership for both companies took place and generated interesting insights that both companies agreed they would jointly pursue in the coming months.

The meeting was rounded off by a visit of the Interroll Center of Excellence for Technopolymers in Sant’Antonino, where the principals of the Kaizen philosophy, applied in the Interroll production processes, were presented.