News from the ROI world

Electric drivers streamline Advance conveyors

The patented SmartLine tote and carton conveyor systems are now equipped with all-electric transfers, diverts and roller switches.

SRSI earns Inductive Automation Gold Certification

A strong commitment to stringent standards and providing world-class automations solutions has allowed the Dallas-based ROI partner to become a Gold Certified Integrator.

MACH FTD guarantees secure and protected pallets

The new Technoplat 3000 automatically wraps pallets in-line, offering exceptional efficiency, safety and a user-friendly interface.

ADM gives production a new spin

Patented technology and innovative spiral belt solutions by ADM offer customers numerous benefits.

  • Easy access for reduced unscheduled production stops
  • 50% reduction in product loss
  • Waterproof easy-release design ensures product quality
  • 75% reduction in maintenance time

Based in Galicia, the Spanish ROI partner is a Process Engineering specialist and industry leader in the fish processing sector.