News from the ROI world

Clustag smart RFID station automates e-commerce

Fully functional with both manual and automatic conveyors, Clustag GOHT Station is designed for block reading of hanging garments, using RFID technology.

Stac boosts pack out productivity

A fresh conveyor line integrated by Stac preps boxes for quick and productive pack out.

Quintino implements innovative factory layout

Material handling at a fragrance factory becomes streamlined and efficient, thanks to a systematic new approach to logistics, designed and installed by Quintino.

Eltronic Group acquires MME Nordic

In May, Danish ROI partner Eltronic Group secured 70 percent of MME Nordic, a MedTech company with over 25 years' experience developing and manufacturing automated production lines and machines for the Danish medical industry and abroad.

The partnership puts both companies in an excellent position for continued growth, as Eltronic will be providing their capital, know-how, and global reach to expand an already strong and highly-specialized local operator.