News from the ROI world

Eurofit installs extensive conveyor system

The goal was to automate transport and eliminate the excessive congestion of boxes near the exit area of a cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals plant.

Trasing keeps business on track in the Balkans

Intralogistics are key to growing business in the modern era and for more than 30 years Trasing d.o.o. has been providing innovative integrated solutions and conveyor systems to the Balkan region.

Modumaq ensures quick Pick & Pack turnaround

Massive increases in online shopping have forced companies to look for new ways to organize and optimize their material flow.

Scheffer elevates automation with Brazilian cargo lifts

Lifting materials in warehouses, plants, or sorting hubs is dangerous task for staff to fulfil in the workplace.

To mitigate the risks of on-site injury, Brazilian ROI partner Scheffer has developed an automated cargo elevator based on 100% local technology, for guaranteed servicing and maintenance. Easy-to-use, this machinery lifts goods to the interconnected transport system to facilitate transport and improve safety and efficiency, while requiring no personnel intervention.

Scheffer Logistica is a Brazilian ROI partner that offers automated solutions and technical assistance to top multinational customers, ranging from automotive to food and beverage, energy, transport, healthcare and beyond.