News from the ROI world

Record sales at CKF kick off 35th Anniversary

Three and a half decades of hard work are paying off at CKF Systems, who are celebrating their anniversary while enjoying the best order intake in 35 years of thriving business.

Preventive maintenance by LCS Group keeps trouble at bay

Even at the most advanced industrial plant, top performance depends on regularly scheduled machinery maintenance.

Actemium Lyon Logistics upgrades warehouse software

Identifying and responding to industry needs is integral to remaining at the top, as demonstrated by French ROI partner Actemium, who has successfully modernized their WCS (Warehouse Control System) tool, in response to customer demand.

Automated truck loading by Dedem Mekatronik

In a perfectly calibrated process, no link can be weak, which makes Dedem’s Automatic Truck Loading System (ATLS) the ultimate step towards next-level efficiency.

Benefits of the ATLS Smart Truck system include:

  • Swift 3-minute loading/unloading
  • Increased cost efficiency with reduced labor, energy, and equipment
  • Safety guaranteed through strict protocols and standards
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Innovative design to optimize resources

With a sales office in the USA, Dedem Mekatronic is a Turkish ROI partner specialized in warehouse management technologies and robotics for production, material handling, intralogistics, and industrial manufacturing.